A fundamental priority of the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) when setting up the website PIB Mirim is that the privacy of its online users will be respected. We assume responsibility for adequately and responsibly protecting and administrating all information which could be used to identify those who choose to use our website. Our Privacy Policy covers all information which could be used to identify any individual, including first name, surname, electronic address (email) of parents or guardians, school, age, password, or other information which could be used for making personal contact. PIB Mirim asks children to provide a valid email address of a parent or guardian in order to communicate with the aforementioned when our website is first used. The website PIB Mirim is divided into two specific areas. Some links on our website are accessible to any user, with no need to have registered. The section containing The Virtual village environment is, however, only accessible to registered users. To access this area, the PIB Mirim website asks that personal details are provided over the Internet. These details are stored in a specific area of our system, inaccessible to all levels of internal and external users, thus guaranteeing absolute confidentiality. As well as this, the system is protected by security tools designed to prevent any external attempt to access the database. These tools are kept up to date and inaccessible to third parties. By accessing and using this website, the user shows their agreement with the terms of our Privacy Policy and with the terms for handling personal details set out above. Should this policy be altered, we will take every step to ensure that you are informed of the alterations by publishing them clearly on our website for a reasonable period of time.