Parents and Guardians

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome to PIB Mirim!

This is a website about indigenous peoples in Brazil (in Portuguese Povos Indígenas no Brasil, abbreviated to PIB). The website is run by the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), a non-governmental organization with bases in several cities across Brazil. We want this website to offer accurate information about the indigenous peoples of Brazil. The content is written in engaging, educational language and intended for children aged between 7 and 12. Once inside the PIB Mirim website, children will be able to access a variety of informative texts about the indigenous peoples of Brazil. They will be able to carry out research for school projects. They can find out about the cultural diversity of indigenous peoples. And there are additional interactive elements such as the Virtual Village.The Virtual Village is a game which teaches children about indigenous culture. They chose an Indian avatar and an animated character to play with. Then they take part in the life of the village. They are able to talk to other participants and, at every stage of the game, they learn about indigenous cultures.There will be no advertisements posted inside the Virtual Village. Access to all our material and activities is free. The only requirement is that visitors register to use the website. There are verbal filters in place in the chat-room so that it is a safe, enjoyable environment for children and there is no need for adults to be concerned.