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Desenho kadiweu publicado em VIDAL, Lux (org.). Grafismo Indígena. Studio Nobel, Fapesp, Edusp, SP, 1992.
How they live

The indigenous peoples in Brazil have things in common but they are also very different...

Sambaqui Figueirinha I com aproximadamente 18 metros de altura, SC @Thigruner
The occupation of Brazil

Small groups of settlers would have adapted to life in the different natural environments that...

@Maurício de Paiva/Entorno
Population in America

One theory is that the first human beings arrived via the Bering Strait. Studies in...

@Oscar Pereira da Silva
Before Cabral

Pedro Álvares

@Christian Braga / MNI
Who they are

There are more than 260 different indigenous peoples in Brazil.This makes up a population of more...

Colheita de pequi na Aldeia Ngôjwêrê dos Kisêdjê. @Rogerio Assis/ISA
Where they are

There are indigenous people living all over Brazil!